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Wholesale Portable Generator Prices!

Pow'R Gard generators provide a "Switchless Full Pow'R" feature which eliminates the voltage selector power switch.  Get 120V or 240V power up to the maximum rating without changing voltage settings.  The Focal Vibration System virtually eliminates harmful vibration and increases generator life.  Multi-Fuel generator suitable for operation on gasoline, LPG or natural gas fuel.
  • Designed for continuous operations
  • Combination voltage output- 120V/240V
        No "Power Switch" required
  • Focal vibration system reduces vibration,
        extends life and eliminates "Floor Walking"
  • Three-Year Warranty

    Typical AC Power Requirements
  • Pow'R Gard Multi-Fuel


    Max. Watts

    Cont. Watts



    PCM60RE 6000 5000 Robin 11Hp 120/240VAC $1,748
    PCM90VE 9000 8000 Vanguard 16Hp 120/240VAC $2,132

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