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Call Now: (562) 699-2747 is a solely owned company with multiple private investors, based in Southern California. Founded in 1990 by Tyler Stone All World Generator has grown to become a diverse cutting-edged products based company with a global presence. Through the leadership & determination of Tyler Stone, All World Generator launched in the Winter of 2001, funded by the huge success of a warehouse store in Southern California.

All World Generator has established itself as a prominent force in the industry: Pioneering the sale of generators online, and setting a powerful standard of excellence that is winning the hearts of customers worldwide ; All World Generator continues to grow at a tremendous rate, as one of the most significant Diesel and natural gas generator sales and fabrication companies.

So many Internet businesses have an automated "vending machine" mentality toward online sales -their goal is to build a business that has the least amount of customer interaction as possible.  All World Generator strives for a high-tech yet high-touch approach to Diesel and natural gas generator sales.  All World Generator knows the Internet and knows the generator owner's unique needs -before and after the sale.

All World Generator sets itself part with a FUN, yet professional attitude.  All World Generator policies and service is based on traditional standards of customer care which, sadly, the Generator industry is not particularly known for.  You will come to find that is a reliable, honest, and resourceful young company with a strong sense of morality and responsibility.

Why choose

         Free lifetime technical assistance and helpful advice.

         Fast shipping from our huge inventory here in Southern California.

        All World Generator spends tens of thousands every year in both product testing and product development.

         We only sell new merchandise, unless specifically mentioned otherwise, made from top quality materials from manufacturers you can trust.

         Authorized dealers for SDMO, Baldor and Crawford just to name a few.

         No tax charge!

         Friendly, knowledgeable staff ... that's overpaid (that's why they're so friendly!)


What about the competitors?

Why should you, the consumer, choose over other Diesel and natural gas generator retailers?

Is it the price?

o        Not necessarily. Although we do have very aggressive pricing and often sell to the public for less than dealer cost, our customers donít buy from us simply for this reason.

What we offer is something more:

o        Refreshingly good customer service; which, all too often, is a rare find in this industry.

You will find our correspondence to be nothing but enjoyable & friendly, honest & informative. We will ensure your complete satisfaction & make sure your purchase is perfect for your needs. is known for fast service and truthful, honest advice. 

Need some good advice or an honest opinion? Drop us a line or give us a call. Weíll be frank with you, even if it means directing you somewhere else.

Furthermore, many online vendors get away as cheaply as possible -- selling returns as new, harsh policies, low-caliber staff (if there is a staff), the list goes on.... It is popular in our industry to add hidden costs to your bill including processing fees, handling fees, or simply hike up shipping charges for more profit. All World Generator is uncomfortable doing this.

Think About It...
It is worthwhile to do business with a company that you can count on to meet ALL of your needs as a Diesel or gas generator owner.Whether itís a great price, sound advice, dependable service, or just plain honesty, you can count on All World Generator to deliver wholeheartedly and without compromise before, during and after the sale.

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