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Unbeatable Emergency Standby Generator Prices!
Baldors Pow'R Gard Auto Emergency standby generators are for the homeowners/small business owners that cannot afford to be without electricity.  The affordable Baldor Automatic Emergency standby system consists of a generator and an automatic transfer switch.  The generators operate on natural gas or propane (LPG).  When the Baldor Automatic Transfer Switch senses a power outage, it starts the generator and automatically provides you with quiet , clean electric power.  Whether you're home or away, the Automatic Emergency System is keeping an eye on your home/business 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  • Solid State controls for high reliability
  • Efficient, direct coupled, generators deliver
        dependable power year after year
  • Keeps pipes from freezing because of power
        outage from a winter storm
  • You'll never be susceptible to power outages
        like those that have crippled many areas
  • System automatically monitors normal power
        source, allowing the generator unit to power up
        when power failure occurs.  When power is
        restored unit automatically switches back to
        utility power and turns itself off
  • Three-Year Warranty

    Installation Diagram

    Typical AC Power Requirements
  • Pow'R Gard Residential Automatic Emergency


    Max. Watts

    Cont. Watts



    AE8-E 8000 8000 Vanguard 16Hp 66.7/33.4 $3,847
    AE10-E 10000 10000 Vanguard 18Hp 83.3/41.7 $5,008
    AE11-E 12000 12000 Onan 24Hp 100/50 $5,438
    AE25-E 20000 20000 Ford 38.2Hp 167/83.5 $12,365

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